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Aside from millions wearing purple this October 15 on SpiritDay, look for social media photos to light up purple as supporters use GLAAD’s new app “Go Purple for #SpiritDay” to take a united stance against bullying and stand up for LGBTQ youth.

GLAAD launched the free app in an effort to gain greater awareness for SpiritDay, the largest and most visible anti-bullying campaign in the world supporting LGBTQ youth. The app, Glaad_Purple_powered by Toyota Financial Services, also provides anti-bullying resources for students, parents, and educators.

“Education and communication are key components in ending bullying and the ‘Go Purple for #SpiritDay’ app gives users access to resources to help ensure their schools and neighborhoods are safer places for everyone,” said Mike Groff, President & CEO of Toyota Financial Services. “Because, when we end bullying, we truly let kids and young adults develop into creative, unique and productive individuals who make our communities stronger, happier and healthier.”

Through the app, users can tweet, donate, or upload and share photos with the #SpiritDay filter added to social media accounts. The app is available through the App Store and Google Play.

SpiritDay began in 2010 when founder Brittany McMillan wanted to raise awareness on the upsetting reality that LGBTQ youth face daily; bullying and suicide. Each year since, millions of people from around the world have joined the SpiritDay movement, pledging to wear purple. The day has earned support from celebrities to politicians—even the White House has gone purple in solidarity.

According to GLSEN’s 2013 National School Climate Survey, 85% of LGBTQ students said they have been verbally harassed and 30% have missed at least one day of school in the past month due to their school’s climate being hostile and unwelcoming. These negative environments in schools can cause LGBTQ students to have lower GPAs, self esteem, and can be less likely to pursue higher education.

“Participating in SpiritDay is important to me. People need to know what LGBTQ youth are dealing with on a daily basis in our schools,” said Olivia Elia, a college student at UCLA who considers herself an ally. By joining #SpiritDay, Olivia said she hopes she is helping LGBTQ youth feel they are supported and are not alone. Olivia has taken the pledge on GLAAD’s website to wear purple.

Join Olivia and millions of others! Take the Pledge to Wear Purple!

Check out GLADD’s website to pledge to wear purple and learn more about SpiritDay.

PYPurpleProudYouth stands with GLAAD and LGBTQ youth on SpiritDay. As a community, it’s vital we join together to support LGBTQ youth to help send a message it is not acceptable to bully a person based on sexual orientation and gender identity. End the bullying!

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