I am a quilt
of disparate pieces;
pierced and pulled and patched together,
bound with common thread-
a conglomeration
of past and present,
ancestry and history;
of the people who birthed me
and those who will lay me to rest.

I am a patch for every hope,
a patch for accomplished goals,
the cotton square of footsteps,
efficiency’s velvet thread-
I am an assaulting clash of patterns:
choices made and passageways forged,
my needs and dreams
warring into antiquity.

I am discerned from
a picture blatantly defined-
packed into pleasing bundles;
filed in wait of a hole
in which to fit-
this dissonant gap I fill;
crosshatching and torn thread are loathe
to be my elucidation.

I define them.

Artist Explanation

Too often, society identifies individuals through basic assumptions: skin color, gender, sexuality. For individuals to keep progressing, not just as citizens of the United States but of the world, people must learn to judge others based on their personality not their nature. Basing an entire person off of one discerning feature is like like a snapshot: it only gives the cursory details. If LGBT individuals are to become truly accepted, it will take more than an acknowledgement of their gender or sexuality. People will have to start recognizing those traits as what they really are: just traits. They do not define any one individual but are rather elements of that individual, no different than social class, upbringing or skin color. While these elements are important they are not everything. People are so much more.


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