No More Erasing LGBT History—Celebrate Loud and Proud



October is LGBT History Month. It’s a time to recognize the bold, brave, and monumental contributions LGBT people have made to American history and history at large. LGBT History Month ( is a great resource to share with your family, friends, teachers, and church. Each day in October, a new LGBT icon is highlighted through a video, bio, bibliography, and other resources.

LGBT History Month began in 1994 when a visionary leader and Missouri high school teacher named Rodney Wilson gathered other teachers and community leaders to create a month-long celebration to educate schools and communities. The program is still running strong and is supported by the Equality Forum, a national and international LGBT civil rights organization with an educational focus.

California is currently the only state teaching LGBT history in schools. In many classrooms across the country, LGBT history remains invisible. Let’s not stand by and allow LGBT history to be shoved into the closet when resources exist to educate and enlighten people.

ProudYouth will feature each of the 31 icons in an effort to move LGBT history to the foreground in people’s minds. Sign up for ProudYouth’s newsletter to be alerted of the daily posts. Share the knowledge.

October 31—LGBT History Icon Evan Wolfson


Theresa Volpe
Theresa is the Managing Editor of ProudYouth and a Board member for One Million Kids For Equality. In her role with ProudYouth, Theresa works with a team of volunteer copy editors and youth contributors to develop, improve, and implement ProudYouth editorial guidelines. She also helps youth contributors by offering journalistic advice to help them present their ideas in a coherent and logical way. She is one of two lesbian moms that challenged Illinois' ban on same-sex marriage in court. Theresa brings over 25 years of editorial and publishing experience to her role with ProudYouth.


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